A must have for a shipping company is to count on a Pool of loyal and trustfull crew. We work  with the aim of building a strong relationship between Owners and their crew which is not only limited to the period onboard.

Education, training, and assessment of competence are the keys to reach high retention rate of crew within the Company for this reason we prepare tailor made trainig and career plans for wach crew employed by our Clients.
We cooperate with marine academies and marine training institutes to be sure that our crew can receive the best training at the lower price.

We arrange also specific training on demands on the base of assessment results.  Our method to assess crew competence is gathering different sources, from onboard appraisals to e-tools, onboard emergency drills, CBT and CES by using some of the major online assessment companies, but not limited to and by using personalized systems of evaluation.

Please remember to attend courses for which the institutes held the Marine administration  permit.You can find list of autorized training centers always updated by reading this link:

For further information we are at your disposal.