F.C.M. established their registered offices in Savona, Italy in June 2010. Since then has been constantly developing and implementing projects and rendering services for the benefit of  private Principals.

Step by step the Company expanded their business by specializing into providing Marine Personnel Management services. Competition in this business niche was and is still strong but the allegiance to our values finally allowed us to emerge as a new consolidated reality.

Our Principals operate in a worldwide scenario and we are fully competent to manage either their European and Non European crews in full awareness of applicable International Laws and Regulations in the Shipping industry.

Aside from our crew management main activity, in 2017 we also started a pet project and began to work as marine shipping agents in the port of Savona.

In 2020 F.C.M. got certified for ISO 9001:2015 and was authorized by the italian Ministry of Labour to operate as Maritime Job Agents.


Our Mission is to meet our Principals’ expectations and to possibly exceed them.

Our quality management system is tightly integrated with ISM Code Company Guidelines to the purpose of either promoting the best practice in all stages as well as to developing a general consciousness of the best practice standards in respect of crew management.
We are committed to manage the crewmembers hired by our Principals in order to support them in all aspects of manning.

Our business philosophy is to assist our Principals with the highest sense of responsibility to ensure that the crew onboard are competent for the job assigned to them.

Prior to being human resorces our Seafarers are persons and we care for their wellbeing. We care for the development of their knowledge and aim for them to grow up their career with the same Shipowners all over their working lifetime. We are Seekers of Sea cares and to achieve the scope we ensure our commitment to carry out all operations bearing in mind our company and quality policies and our commitment to Seafarers



Our Principals expect us to work according to highly ethical standards, to fulfil all our obligations and to act honestly and with integrity. Our reputation relies upon the strict observance of these values. We expect our employees to act in accordance with our principles.

The Company encourage the managers to convey these values and set exemplary standards to workers.

  1. TO SHIPOWNERS we commit to offer highly professional consulting for our Clients, paying particular attention to changes in Clients’ needs.

  2. TO SEAFARERS we commit  to observe all principles of ILO – MLC 2006.

  3. F.C.M. and its employees are free from any commercial, financial and any other influences potentially affecting their professional judgment;

  4. We are not involved in any activities potentially compromising confidence in the company´s independence of evaluation.